What products does Athina Wholesale offer?

Athina offers exclusive women's contemporary RTW Styles.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We sell by pack of 6, (2-2-2)(S-M-L)

How can I request samples?

We lend samples to local buyers and customers that we have a good relationship with. We do not sell samples

How can I contact customer service?

Email: web@athinacollection.com

Whatsapp: 913-548-1345

Do you offer exclusive discounts for bulk orders?

Yes contact us for further details

Can I customize my order?

We offer private cuts for orders of 150+ pieces. We sell half packs of certain styles if requested. 

Do you send out line sheets of new styles?

Yes we send out linesheets of new styles every two weeks! Connect with us  on our WhatsApp to get the first look at new styles. 

Whatsapp: 913-548-1345

Do you offer plus size options?

We don't sell plus but you can request a private cut